Healing Consultations with Reiki, Crystals and Oracle/Tarot Cards Skype Sessions Available

Abundantia Holistic Therapies welcomes you on a healing journey to inner peace and happiness.

On this path you will rediscover your life purpose and passions, you will reconnect with your feelings and your higher-self.

Life is to be enjoyed fully, life is supposed to be full of abundance, prosperity and love.

Healing Consultations with Reiki, Crystals and Oracle Cards (Skype Sessions available)

Skype Healing Consultations  

30 minutes                £36.00/approx. 36 Euro/approx. $40.00 USA

60 minutes                £69.00/approx. 73 Euro/approx. $80.00 USA

Healing Consultations (a London therapy room)

One hour                  £86.00

Two hours                £180.00


Reiki is an ancient healing art. Reiki is a spiritual energy treats the whole person – mind, body, spirit, emotions and feelings.

Everyone is surrounded by Aura. Aura is the bio-magnetic energy field that contains constantly changing colors. Aura is directly connected to our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health. Aura is made up of several layers that vibrate at a different frequency and these layers change as we interact with each other. Our aura reshapes and changes according what we think and what we feel.

There is a system of subtle channels that run along the spinal cord. These energy centres are called chakras which means ‘wheel’ or ‘vortex’. There are seven main chakras running from the top of the head down to spine and to the bottom of the feet. The function of each chakra is to energize physical body, to assimilate and to transmit life energies.

Chakras draw the spiritual life-force energy (prana, or Chi) from the Universal Source. If chakras are not functioning properly, our mental, emotional and physical health becomes affected due to lack of energy. Chakras draws life experiences (feelings, thoughts, emotions) into vortices. It these experiences are negative and painful we usually resist feeling them, we quickly disconnect and stuff them down. If we do not process negative feelings and emotions, energetic blockages are created that cause imbalance and diseases.

Reiki is one of the most beautiful healing methods for chakras and aura to be rebalanced and aligned.

Reiki Benefits

  • Reiki promotes and accelerates body’s own natural ability to heal,
  • aids in peaceful and restful sleep
  • balances chakras in the body
  • allows a better dealing with daily stresses and viruses
  • relieves pains and relaxes muscles
  • helps to free toxins from the body
  • relaxes and reduces stress
  • treats the root of the illness.

Reiki Distant Healing Session

Reiki healing energy is so powerful that it can be sent anywhere regardless time or space and can be transmitted into the past, the future or even into the past lives. Reiki healing can be performed regardless any location, environment or circumstances. Reiki energy can also connect you to a goal, or any experience you would like to have or you wish to heal in the past or manifest in the future.



Crystals are very ancient and their importance have been known through many civilizations. Ancient people believed in their magical powers.  Their energy can enhance intuition, attract abundance, clean aura and balance chakras. Crystals work with the human energy field and can focus, move, direct and transmit energy within the body. Through their resonance and vibration, the human bio-magnetic sheath (Aura) becomes rebalanced and realigned. This way many physical, psychological disorders can be relieved and eased Through the healing powers of crystals, the person will connect to their own truth and walk on their unique path, fully empowered.

Crystal healing can be send when you are not present with a healer in the same room. I simply connect and attune to your energy for the healing to start.

I will need your name and location. We will arrange a time and date for a session. It is important that you find or create a quiet environment where you can make yourself comfortable.

During a distant healing session you might feel sensations, have visions, see colors or feel heat or cold.

How crystals help?

  • Crystals help to release stress and calms emotions
  • assist with finding inner peace and harmony
  • realign subtle energy bodies (chakra, aura)
  • release negative and toxic blockages
  • improve the flow of life force energy
  • open channels to connect with your feelings and the universal energy
  • improve overall health and rejuvenate the body.


I use a variety of decks in healings sessions both Tarot and oracle decks, as they can show different aspects of the circumstances and current energies. Card readings are usually done after the healing session as a part of consultation. After the session is over, I will send you an email with all notes and messages and everything what we have talked about. It will be for your own reference so you can fully integrate the healing. I am available to answer any questions you might have.


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